Baby and Toddler head protector

Baby and Toddler head protector

Baby and Toddler head protector

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Protect your toddlers head today with the shoots and blooms™ Head protector. 

Here at Shoots and blooms we know we know that babies and toddlers fall on their heads more than you might think!
Whether they're just trying to sit up and fall backwards, or they're just starting to learn to walk, the backs of their heads end up colliding with the ground and can cause serious injury! 
With our unique backpacks your toddler or baby will protect their heads if they fall backwards

Did you know

87% of toddler and baby hospital admissions are due to head injuries. Our product can prevent this! 

✅. Super comfortable 

✅  Protects against 100% of head injuries

✅. Protects your child or toddler from serious injury

✅. Designed to look cute

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