Pregnancy seatbelt

Pregnancy seatbelt

Pregnancy seatbelt

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Is driving during your pregnancy incredibly uncomfortable?

Stop putting both your comfort and child at risk today with the Shoots and blooms™ pregnancy seatbelt 

There are enough things to worry about when you're pregnant, but thanks to the Shoots and blooms™ Pregnancy seatbelt driving doesn't have to be one of them

How does it protect me?

This specially designed seatbelt takes the pressure off of your stomach and womb and redirects it to your thigh, ensuring your fetus remains safe to give you peace of mind



How do I install it?

This seatbelt has been designed so that it does not take extra time for pregnant mothers to unstrap and restrap each time when getting in and out the car therefore it is practical and efficient for daily use.

However, If you often switch between two cars often (for example from driver to passenger or you own two cars) we recommend buying two. Because of this we offer a volume discount :) 

Who's it for?

Our pregnancy belt is perfect for people 3 months + pregnant, However the belt can also be useful for

- Abdominal pain

- Post cesarean recovery

- Other stomach issues


100% Certified & Dr recommended

With the Shoots and blooms™ Pregnancy seatbelt you'll get a FDA and CE approved device recommended by Doctors. Our product is THE ONLY authentic device 100% certified and recommended for a more comfortable and safe pregnancy.

✅  Practical       

✅  Safe              

✅  Comfortable 

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